"Done is Better than Perfect" Practice Book 
-helps parents get it done in an hour or less, with less stress!
"Done is Better than Perfect" Practice Book is a weekly note-taking system for non-musician parents with musical kids, that helps guide you in how to
clarify and organize the "WHAT", the "HOW", and the "HOW LONG" to practice so that you can understand and implement your private lesson information. 

You will be able get practicing done, enjoy practicing, reduce push-back from your child, making lifelong fun memories, while meeting your weekly lesson goals.
Whoever said, "practice makes perfect" must not have had to practice with little kids!  -Lucinda

So let’s bust ONE myth today about practicing at home with your child(ren). 

Myth: It should be easy to practice everyday if your child loves music and is talented!

Reality: Musical children don’t just automatically LOVE the discipline of daily practice, which is what's needed in order to master a skill. It is not easy to remember what you’re supposed to be doing in the practice at home.

The TOP 3 BLUNDERS that non-musician parents make when it comes to “making” your child practice:

1. First, believing that your child is even listening in the private lesson.

2. Then, believing that your child understands everything that the teacher said in the lesson.

3. Last, hoping that you and your child remember  the exact assignment and expectation without the WHAT, HOW and HOW LONG in your notes.
Now, which of these untruths is holding you back from meeting weekly goals with your practicing musician?

Get secret insights and inspiration from my experience of having been a violin student, then a violin teacher, and now a parent of 3 musical children, who were (and still are!) all able to keep consistent, relatively painless, and some wonderfully enjoyable practices.
As a child violin student, now professional violinist, teacher of hundreds of children, mom of 3 musicians, I KNOW the challenges of daily practice with your child and how to not "throw-in-the-towel" because of frustration. If you say "Yes" to any of the following, (shh!) then it's time for you to make a change. 
Do you dread having to say “go get your instrument, it’s time to practice!”, with your child? 
I know what it feels like to not want to tell my child that it's practice time, because of what I knew I would be met with...resistance. At first I thought that is how it would always be, but over time I learned the trick to just getting it DONE, still laugh and have fun.
Confused about what EXACTLY they need to master before feeling like you accomplished something that week?
Teachers have a lot of information to explain to you and your child in a short period of time. Some of it they'll understand, but most concepts they will fully understand over time. My 3-point system of "Achievable Chunks" in your notes that helps you skip the argument and push-back and get directly to the point of "Now what am I supposed to practice THIS WEEK?"
Sick of the whining and complaining and wish you were instead creating fun lifelong memories?
The struggle is real! No, not everyday but enough to have made me stop and rethink my practice strategy. If I knew then, what I am about tell you now, I could have saved myself so much frustration and time, and had even more smiles!
After years of disciplined practice of my own, and dedication to helping my children practice their music, I have learned what it takes to get ANY child to have a productive, fun, sometimes funny practice session...
I made the change and it's not as hard as you think!
Imagine if your child looked forward to practicing their instrument every day because YOU knew the secrets to helping them.
Yes You Can! 
  • Yes, you can practice everyday without stress (ok most days) and return to your next lesson confident and prepared to go on to the next level.
  • Yes, there is a way to have pleasant practices without needing that glass of wine to get through it because of all the push-back.
  • Yes, there’s another way to get results and progress without frustration and arguing about "what the teacher said".
  • Stress. Frustration. Arguing. Throwing Away Money. It doesn’t have to be like that...
There's More!
You CAN have 
 pleasant, productive practices without.....
resistence=wasted practice time....
not understanding goals=Wasted lesson money...
push back =frustration etc....
Here is How to turn resistance and tears into weekly, measurable progress and feelings of success!

"Done is Better Than Perfect"
Practice Book
Get organized...quick! 
Done is Better than Perfect Practice Book comes with 52 Weeks of a structured, 3-point "Achievable Chunks" system of how to organize your lesson notes, PLUS weekly inspirational parent thoughts from years experience for focus rather than frustration.

  • This IS NOT a course, it’s a guide to encourage, help clarify and organize teacher expectations so non-musician parents can be helpful to their musical child​ at any age and level!
  • This IS NOT like the hundreds of books/ templates/apps you may have seen. This gets you understanding instruction and following directions weekly. Rinse and repeat.
  • This method IS NOT  just a note-book, so you can "check-out" and your child can DIY their lessons.
parent and child achieve goals
"Done is Better than Perfect" Practice Book is designed to set you up for success, giving you a template for a clear understanding of goals so that you can meet weekly lesson expectations. Rinse and Repeat.
achieving goals builds confidence
When your child goes into the lesson feeling confident, they play confidently, they enjoy the lesson and experience having a "great lesson", which builds  confidence. Rinse and Repeat.
Having great lessons makes you want to keep having great lessons.
Never again dread going into a lesson knowing that your child is unclear, unprepared and not confident. Instead, you'll look forward to lessons when you can "show what you know" to your teacher, get new goals then Rinse and Repeat!
Downloadable 52-Week Printable "done is better than Perfect" Practice book 
These pages, with the 3-point "Achievable Chunks" system of note-taking helps you learn to clarify, narrow down, and write down the lesson information into "achievable chunks" so that the expectation for the next week is agreed before you walk out the door. Use as individual pages or bind it for a personalized gift especially for each child.
inspirational weekly thoughts to keep you focused on WHY 
Sometimes as parents we lose sight of the reasons WHY we are parenting in the first place. These weekly thoughts help us remember that we are creating good skilled musicians with good hearts, learning to love themselves and build self-esteem. 
3-point "Achievable Chunks" template to write the WHAT, HOW and hOW LONG to practice
As teachers, we get real excited to share information, squeeze it all in, and hope you understand it. This template gives the parent and student the framework and "script" to use in order to leave the lesson with the specific goal and expectation for the week, so that you can confidently meet that goal and see measurable progress week to week.
Premier Bonus
In addition to the receiving the printable "Done is Better than Perfect" Practice Book, you will get the fillable pdf, to use with your smartphone, tablet or laptop in the lesson.
Get smart. get organized.
get the "done is better than Perfect" practice Book!
  • ​"Done is Better than Perfect"  Practice Book with 3-point "Achievable Chunks" system and template for capturing the WHAT, HOW and HOW LONG(value $47)
  •  ​Weekly inspirational thoughts to keep you focused on the WHY (Value $27)
  • BONUS -Fillable pdf for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. NEVER accidentally leave that notebook or pen at home again!​​ (value $37 )
Total Value $111.00
Today only = $7
aND if you're not 100% satisfied...Neither am I.
I get it.  I'm a mom (parent) just like you of children who are musicians. I am always looking for solutions to apply to all areas of parenting to make it easier.  

This 3-point Practice System has organized the practice lives of many students across all instruments and ages.  I'm super-proud of the method and products that I've created. Those those who buy them and implement the method have been thrilled with their purchase.

If you find that this 3-point practice method of understanding, narrowing, organizing and implementing does not make your life easier, with more progress getting it DONE, I'm offering a 30-day money back guarantee.
Hi, I'm Lucinda!
Violinist. Entrepreneur. Pedagogue.
When I started Parenting, I didn’t know much, but I knew my children would learn instruments and that we would homeschool. Learning began with playing music from day one, because, well... talking to a newborn seemed weird so I played music, sang songs to her and about her as we moved throughout our day. As time went on I learned how to talk, but the music became woven into our all day, everyday lives immediately.

Music time was ALWAYS fun time UNTIL.. I decided to start “formal lessons”.
Once there were specific, detailed skills to be mastered, (in hindsight) that’s when I became intense.

Because I had been teaching violin students for 10 years by then, I knew how to write notes, and figure out WHAT the teacher wanted. But it was a STRUGGLE to make these big goals fit into manageable, "achievable chunks" the size that MY child could chew and easily digest, making it easy and fun to accomplish. 

Doing my Dad's old-school method of simply saying "GO PRACTICE" wasn't working on these new-school kids
I was super motivated to figure this out when I looked back on MONTHS of my copious notes and realized that the Cello teacher had been telling us the SAME THING EVERY WEEK. At that time I started calculating how much money $$$ was spent every week on “changing her left hand posture”. I felt disappointed and even angry.

Then I realized that if I FELT THIS WAY being a violinist, violin teacher, and Executive Director of a music school, what my non-musician parents must be going through and not telling me!

With the help of my very organized, solution-driven cellist sister, we came up with a way to take notes in the lesson, that narrowed down the expectations to be understood with simply three direct questions:

WHAT to practice
HOW to practice it and
HOW LONG to practice it.

BAM! Student results, achievement and retention went through the roof!
Parents were no longer trying to just believe that “practice makes perfect”, instead, they were understanding the goal of the week and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS!!

Now parents were invested and involved in the daily steps of just “DONE is BETTER than PERFECT “

Little achievements add up to big weekly wins!

This method of understanding the "object of the game" was a game changer. Parents using this 3-Point Practice System of "Achievable Chunks", now had excellently trained children, winning auditions, competitions but mostly bringing joy performing for audiences who were so proud.

It’s almost too good to be true-a simple concept turned into an EASY guide that will change your daily practices from struggle to stress-free and DONE!

This is for you if...
  •  You are a parent who attends lessons, and wants to be present in your child's musical journey
  • ​You are a parent that has a child who can take their own notes, developing and using the lifelong skill narrowing down information into understanding achievable goals.
  • ​If you are parent who values your lesson investment and knows that understanding, narrowing, organizing and implementing weekly makes the most "dollars and sense"
But this is not for you if...
  • This is not for you if  your child is already initiating daily practice, and you can just sit back with your tea and enjoy the view.
  • ​This is not for you if you really don't want to participate at all in their lessons, but you wish them the best.
But You Don’t Have To Just Take Our Word For It.
“ Ms. Lucinda has some magic tricks that can keep young kids interested in  playing, keep them focused during the lesson, and encourage them to  practice at home. She has a very systematic approach assign practices at home to help the kids master what they learned. “

- Lei, super dad
“Mama Ofie” as we affectionately call her, is a lifesaver for us! I
believe in it that much."

-Dr. Asantewaa Oppong Wadie, mom and Professor, DePaul University

“It works great because there was no arguing!! I even used it with my older  son on his household and work projects with his father. It helps him and us get super clear on the expectations."

-Margaret (mom of 2 violin, one cello and 2
piano children)
Take a look !
See the results of this successful practice method 
as seen on...

This Practice Book will be available forever...
"time waits for no one".
and  waiting will have consequences.
Get Organized. Get started today.
  • ​"Done is Better than Perfect"  Practice Book with 3-point system and template for capturing the WHAT, HOW and HOW LONG(value $47)
  •  ​Weekly inspirational thoughts to keep you focused on the WHY (Value $27)
  • BONUS Fillable pdf for smartphone, tablet or laptop. NEVER accidentally leave that notebook or pen at home again!​​ (value $37 )
Total Value $111.00
Today only = $7
Q: Exactly What’s in the “Done is Better than Perfect” Practice Book?
There are 52 weeks of lesson notes designed to guide you through the process of understanding your private lesson instruction and ensuring that 
the information is simplified into a 3-point method in order to practice an hour or less with your child per day, and be able to meet the expectations every week.

On top of that, at the top of each page is an inspirational thought to help you stay encouraged, motivated and focused to keep your eyes on the prize.
Q: I’m a parent that doesn't feel like taking notes. Can the teacher take notes for me?
Absolutely! If your teacher will take notes for you, she/he’s a keeper!

However that’s rare and eventually you’ll need to learn how to focus your teacher’s instruction into our 3-step achievable process of note-taking 
that gets your child results throughout their advanced stages.
Q: Wish I had seen this years ago! My child is headed to college soon. Is it too late?
No! In fact, note-taking skills in college are crucial. Whether they choose music as a major or just continuing with their lessons, college teachers expect that you come already knowing how to take lesson notes and come back with the work DONE. Get organized now! 
Q: I'd rather take notes on my phone. I would not want to own another thing to  have to keep up with.
SAME! OMG when we can’t find the notebook in our own house that’s another argument! That’s why our BONUS today includes a fillable pdf download for use on your phone, tablet or laptop. It’s a google doc so you can share and send directly to your child.
Q: Actually, I think my child is old enough to take their own notes. Can I  just give it to my child to be in charge of their own notes? 
Definitely, and they probably type faster than you too! The skill your young musician will build and use for the rest of their musician life is note-taking. They will learn to listen to the teacher, be able to narrow down the main points in their lesson of WHAT specifically they need to master that week, HOW they should work on that skill and for HOW LONG they should work on it daily.
Seriously, is going back to how you WERE practicing with your child even an option?


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”
Press your Reset button today. Get a fresh start this summer.
Summer is a great time to "try it and see". Musicians and music students don't take summers off. We recharge and reset for Fall classes, auditions, and orchestra by practicing smarter! Get practice smart Get a jump start on Fall!

Set your end of summer goal today. Now is the time to relax the intensity and stress, and enjoy the progress.
Last Chance, take a look!
  • ​"Done is Better than Perfect"  Practice Book with 3-point system and template for capturing the WHAT, HOW and HOW LONG(value $47)
  •  ​Weekly inspirational thoughts to keep you focused on the WHY (Value $27)
  • BONUS Fillable pdf for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. NEVER accidentally leave that notebook or pen at home agai (value $37 )
Total Value $111.00
Today only = $7
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